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July 10, 2012

10 things you should keep permanently in your handbag

Ladies often keep a fortune in their bag which makes it very difficult for them to carry the handbag. The 10 things which I think is essential for a ladies handbag are:-

[box type=info]-Wallet – This is the most essential thing. After all, the core importance of the handbag is to keep Currency, Credit Cards and Keys.[/box]

[box type=info]-Mobile – Mobile is the most important necessity when you are leaving your home. [/box]

[box type=info]-Handkerchief – It is very dangerous to leave your house without a handkerchief. The absence of a handkerchief can embarrass you anywhere. [/box]

[box type=info]-Mini Make-up Kit – To avoid any blemishes one should [...]

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March 6, 2011

How not to add embarrassment to injury!

Once people have gotten over their initial embarrassment about using sex toys, many find new activity levels in their imagination! And sometimes, imagination comes before awareness of consequences… and if you’re unlucky, it can all end in a very, very embarrassing trip to the emergency room. There are several ways that play with sex toys can end in moans of misery rather than pleasure – here are our top 10 tips for keeping your adventures in the bedroom and out of the hospital!

[box]Avoiding Infections[/box]

1. If you’re playing with a partner whose sexual history you are unfamiliar with, always use a condom. If they have obvious cold sores, [...]

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October 6, 2010

Embarrassment can be a good thing!

No Kiddking – we recently read about some study somewhere saying that it would be good if you started getting embarrassed in public.

That shows something good, thats all we know – like you have shame in you and stuff, as well as the fact that you arent shameless. Maybe that has to do with it.

Bottomline is, somewhere something happens that allows people to appreciate you if you make the effort to actually feel SHY.

Bush didnt feel too sorry for whoever else on the table he spewed on – he wasnt embarassed, maybe thats why he lost the re-election? What?  



By: Bleur

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