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July 5, 2019


So you have been considering college, because as usual, life does not seem to go anywhere. So you thought, let’s find another excuse, and perhaps what could be better than finding yourself a college, give it all the money it asks for, and then find one more thing to cry and bitch about now that you will have – finally a six-figure number in your credit report – even if as loan.

We know, we know, you try and stay away from good advice as much as possible, particularly if you have an issue with who is delivering it. But make no mistake, you absolutely do not know us – we are the tabloid people. Hey, we are just like Playboy and Hustler… So why don’t [...]

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July 4, 2019

Why Do College Towns Suck so Bad?

That text says, “this never going to be your college town”

Now that you are done celebrating the weekend over your crisp admission letter from your fancy schmantzy University, let us introduce you a little bit to where you’re most likely headed. No we are not making this up at all. Youre headed to … a … “college town“. If exceptions indeed proved the rule, there is where your most likely to find the University worth celebrating the weekend over. Youll be upset because while you were busy salivating over the prospect of getting into that hallway, they disappeared your city from the outside. Unless youre like the guy in [...]

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October 6, 2011

Adieu, Steve Jobs!

For all of the stuff said about him, we know not to judge a person merely by what he hear! Steve Jobs was a victim of tabloid bashing – I cannot recall an article that wouldnt mention how big of a control freak he was or how he loved having a finger in every pie.

But we LOVE you Steve – for the side that noone would see. For it has to be a man of passion who would lead us 25 years further in evolution in the course of a few.

God bless you, and while you’re at it, send us a comment from heaven.

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