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July 16, 2012

How to cope with a difficult roommate?

Sharing an accommodation has become a way of life, and a difficult roommate can make life no less than hell. A difficult roommate is stubborn and does not cooperate which makes it very difficult to live together whereas if a roommate is adjusting and friendly then one can deal with all other problems quite easily. There are certain things which can make life easy while living with a difficult roommate.

[box]Set the rules – Set the rules about everything so that the partners have a clear understanding about their rights and duties in the room. Things like how many friends can one bring in the room should be clearly stated. And if one has invited someone, he must tell his [...]

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June 13, 2012

Make sure you’re in line!

College grants and scholarships help students make up the difference between what they can afford to pay and what the college charges in tuition and fees. In an era when parents are increasingly unable to help pay for a university education as their stock portfolios and home equity shrinks, college grants and scholarships can help make up the gap.

[box]A scholarship is generally a merit based award. For instance, the most famous scholarship is probably the athletic scholarship where a student gets a full ride including tuition, room and board in exchange for playing on a school’s sports team. But other scholarships exist as well. Colleges try to put together the best [...]

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October 6, 2011

Adieu, Steve Jobs!

For all of the stuff said about him, we know not to judge a person merely by what he hear! Steve Jobs was a victim of tabloid bashing – I cannot recall an article that wouldnt mention how big of a control freak he was or how he loved having a finger in every pie.

But we LOVE you Steve – for the side that noone would see. For it has to be a man of passion who would lead us 25 years further in evolution in the course of a few.

God bless you, and while you’re at it, send us a comment from heaven.

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September 20, 2011

Book Review: The Mayor of Casterbridge By Thomas Hardy

[box] Book Review: The Mayor of Casterbridge By Thomas Hardy [/box]

The “Mayor of Casterbridge” is the masterpiece of the ace novelist and poet Thomas Hardy. Few days ago I read it and I was floored by it. The best thing is that “The Mayor of Casterbridge” is internationally renowned as a literary classic, yet it is fiction. I have read that Thomas Hardy started out by writing stories for Newspapers and Magazines. His stories used to be in serialized form and the readers waited eagerly for the next part and I can believe it because this book is so interesting that I am still under its impact.

The story of “The Mayor of Casterbridge” revolves mainly around four [...]

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