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by Chief OxJune 11, 2020

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1 March, 2011

There have been several factors that have caused private delivery companies to be more successful than Canada Post in the last ten years.  One such cause is the transition from traditional mail to electronic mail. As the world becomes more technologically advanced and savvy electronic mail and the electronic transfer of information becomes increasingly popular while traditional letters and mail decreases. However, while information can be communicated virtually the shipping of packages cannot.

Based on perceptions by the public these public companies that have become more successful than Canadian Post are a more reliable and efficient way to ship packages.  These private companies often have a faster delivery time and offer expedited services for a lower fee than Canada Post. Many Canadians also find that these private companies have a more friendly and courteous customer service than that of Canada Post.

Another issue that Canada Post has been battling that private companies have not is dealing with unionized workers. In the past several years (some exceeding the ten year period being discussed here) Canada Post has had to deal with strikes by several different groups of their workers including their administrative workers which in turn affected their customer service department. These strikes have caused the public to have a tainted view of Canada Post and the services that are offered. While their prices may be competitive to those of the privately held companies, it has been seen that Canadians have developed a trust with these private companies and will continue to use them based on their customer service and reliability.

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