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by Chief OxJuly 10, 2020


1. You should read this book. Everybody likes it so it must be good maycommit

which fallacy? (Points : 1)

Appeal to pity

Appeal to popularity

Appeal to parenthood

Argumentum ad librum

2. A student asks a teacherfor a one day extension. The teacher says if she gives aone dayextension, then she would have to give a two day extension, then athree day extension

and eventually not have any deadlines. This mightbe an example of the (Points : 1)

ad hominemfallacy.

ad baculumfallacy.

appeal to popularity fallacy.

slippery slope fallacy.

3. Aftertheasteroid hit the earth, there was a tornado. So the asteroid causedthe tornado might commitwhich fallacy? (Points : 1)

Appeal topopularity

Begging the question

False cause


4. Myhusband snores. All men must snore commits which of these fallacies.(Points : 1)

Hasty generalization

Appeal to pity

False Cause

Post hocergo propter hoc

5. After being toldthat she is being punished forlying, a child responds by telling her mother that she also lied.Thisresponse may involve which fallacy? (Points : 1)

Ad homimen (tuquoque)

Ad verecundiam(ex libris)

Ad misericordiam (ex ante)

Ad baculum(antebellum)

6. Thomas Jefferson ownedslaves, so slavery must havebeen a good idea may commit which fallacy? (Points : 1)

 Appeal to pity

No fallacy committed

Appeal to false authority

Appeal to ignorance

7.Julie started carrying arabbit s foot, then she won the lottery. Therabbits foot must have caused her to win the lotterycommits a(n)(Points : 1)

ad hominem fallacy.

false cause fallacy.

strawman fallacy.

Slipperyslope fallacy.

8. That coin, when flipped, will either come upheads or tails may commit which fallacy? (Points: 1)

Slippery slopefallacy

No fallacy committed

False dichotomy

Begging thequestion

9.The following might be regarded as committing the fallacy of the loadedquestion.

(Points : 1)

Do you have any bananas?

Is adultery immoral?

Have you quit cheating on yourwife?

Why don t you quit cheating onyour wife?

10. A person who is shown his or her argumentcommits afallacy should (Points : 1)

run screaming from the room.

argue louder.

add anotherfallacy.

revise the argument.

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