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10 Tips For a Great Bahamas Spring Break Vacation

10 Tips For a Great Bahamas Spring Break Vacation

by jessiMarch 30, 2012

Spring break travel packages offer great deals to those on a budget. If you are hoping to go somewhere warm and bask in the sun for week, the Grand Bahamas Island is very affordable and easy to get to. If you are planning on a fun spring break vacation then get your group together and book now. With the limited hotel inventory available it is not too early to arrange your spring break trip. Here are 10 tips in making your spring break trip go off without a hitch.

Get your group together and determine how many people and how many rooms you are going to need. This may be the hardest part of booking ay vacation. If you become the group leader you may be eligible for a discount on your vacation package.
Make sure everyone who is going has the appropriate travel documents. Going to the Bahamas does require a passport to leave and enter the US. If there are members in your group who need to either order a passport or renew the one they have the process may take up to 6 weeks and waiting until the last minute to rush the passport will cost extra.
Make sure everyone is aware of the cost to go. Expense will include: flying to the Bahamas, hotel, food and beverages and transportation. You can fly directly to the island or take the cruise ship from Florida to the Grand Bahamas. Most Bahamas travel consultants can arrange for direct flights or the cruise ship; it will depend on size of the group and the budget. If you like the idea of landing in Fort Lauderdale and meeting up with group and then cruising to the Island then consider traveling on the Discovery Cruise Ship. The ship is a fun party to the island and a great time to meet new friends.
When booking the hotel or resort consider the all-inclusive spring break packages. These vacation packages include room, food, taxes and gratuities and all your beverages too. If you stay at the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach, which is located about 15 minutes from the airport, you will not need to leave the resort. With its fabulous beach front, large pool, basketball court, tennis, gym, restaurants and discos, you will find everything you need is there. All inclusive vacation packages are great mode of vacationing on a budget.
Transportation to and from the hotel or resorts is usually not included in the packages so you will need to hire taxis or rent a car. If you are not interested in driving by English rule (opposite of the road) or your plans don’t include leaving the resort then renting a vehicle is not recommended; however, if you want to explore the island you will need a drivers license and proof of insurance and be sure to confirm with your travel consult regarding the renting age for cars as it may vary.
The dress code on the island may surprise you as it is considered in very poor taste to go shirtless for men or in bathing suit tops for women; most stores and restaurants will require cover-ups and shoes. The same goes for with walking around the lobbies of resorts. So if you are going to the beach and plan on heading somewhere to grab a bite to eat be sure to bring a shirt and shoes. Also, public display of affection is also frowned upon for either straight or gay couples.
The Grand Bahamas Island does have its own currency but the US dollar is also expected as are credit cards and traveler’s checks.
The primary language on the Island is English but you may hit pockets of heavy accents and dialects, so be patient.
Give yourself plenty of time on your return trip to the US especially if you are flying out of the Grand Bahamas International Airport (FPO). You will go through immigration twice once to leave the Bahamas and once to enter the US; this is time consuming and can take a few hours, particularly during the spring break vacation rush.
The Grand Bahamas Island is generally a very safe place to travel for US citizens but like any foreign country you should use caution and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t wander off by yourself and should you choose to go off the resort’s compounds travel with a friend.

The Grand Bahamas Island is a wonderful vacation destination for spring breakers. The weather is tropical, the beaches are beautiful and the cost is affordable. When booking any vacation it is always recommended to book with a travel specialist.

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