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How to cope with a difficult roommate?

How to cope with a difficult roommate?

by Chief OxJuly 16, 2012

Sharing an accommodation has become a way of life, and a difficult roommate can make life no less than hell. A difficult roommate is stubborn and does not cooperate which makes it very difficult to live together whereas if a roommate is adjusting and friendly then one can deal with all other problems quite easily. There are certain things which can make life easy while living with a difficult roommate.

[box]Set the rules – Set the rules about everything so that the partners have a clear understanding about their rights and duties in the room. Things like how many friends can one bring in the room should be clearly stated. And if one has invited someone, he must tell his partner to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. [/box]

[box]Division of Responsibility– Roommates may be kings at home but they must share the responsibilities in the room. They must divide the chores between themselves so that one person is not overburdened with the responsibility. Flexibility of Schedule –They must be prepared to adjust with each other’s schedule. Sometimes a person may get tired because of overtime etc. In this situation, one must be ready to take over his responsibility of doing the chores and visa-versa. This would only strengthen their relationship. [/box]

Adherence to these points can make life better but if the problem still persists, one can surely talk it out because communication is the best solution. It is not that difficult, life can be made beautiful while living with a roommate, just a little patience and a tinge of understanding is necessary.

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