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10 things you should keep permanently in your handbag

10 things you should keep permanently in your handbag

by MischaJuly 10, 2012

Ladies often keep a fortune in their bag which makes it very difficult for them to carry the handbag. The 10 things which I think is essential for a ladies handbag are:-

[box type=info]-Wallet – This is the most essential thing. After all, the core importance of the handbag is to keep Currency, Credit Cards and Keys.[/box]

[box type=info]-Mobile – Mobile is the most important necessity when you are leaving your home. [/box]

[box type=info]-Handkerchief – It is very dangerous to leave your house without a handkerchief. The absence of a handkerchief can embarrass you anywhere. [/box]

[box type=info]-Mini Make-up Kit – To avoid any blemishes one should have a small pressed powder and a lip and cheek combo in the handbag. [/box]

[box type=info]-Hair Brush –Hair brush is very necessary. You need to comb your Hair very often to keep it in shape . [/box]

[box type=info]-Sun Glasses – This is a must for every fashion conscious woman. [/box]

[box type=info]-Hand Sanitizer – This is very essential. You could need it anywhere to clean your hands. [/box]

[box type=info]-Fresh-Ones – Fresh Ones, the paper towels wipe-off the sweat, dust and sometimes even dullness of your face. [/box]

[box type=info]-A Note book with Pen – It is one of the most important things. You may need it to note something etc. It is better to keep it with you than to go out searching for it. [/box]

[box type=info]-Identity Card – You should never leave your home without it. It can help you in the worst situations like accidents etc. [/box]

My mother always had her handbag bulging but now she is very happy. So try it and trust me it would be very easy to carry yourself while you are away from home.

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