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How to Excel at Academic Writing – Essay

How to Excel at Academic Writing – Essay

by jessiJuly 28, 2011

[box]How to Excel at Academic Writing – Essay [/box]

An Essay is a very important form of writing and it gains even more importance when we think about it from an academic point of view. Before writing an essay it is essential to know what an Essay is. An essay literally means an ‘effort to convey a meaningful thought’. Mainly, there are three types of Essays –

1. Narrative – Narrative Essays tell a story. It could be an account of a journey, or an autobiography etc.

2. Descriptive – A descriptive essay is a description of a significant, political, economic or academic affair. For example, the growing population of China etc.

3. Reflective – A reflective essay is for the mind. It is thought provoking, for example, the treatment of Jews in the plays of Shakespeare etc.

So the first thing in order to write an essay is to decide a subject that you are inspired with or persuaded to share with others. The topic should be meaningful and the writer must understand the nuances of the topic very clearly for if the writer is not clear about the subject himself then there is little hope that he would be able to communicate his point of view to the reader. After the topic is decided, the writer must collect all the details concerning the topic to form a good quality essay. An Essay has three parts –

1. Introduction – This is the beginning where the essay gains shape. It conveys the subject of the essay.

2. Discussion – This is the spine of the essay where the writer should give meaning to his topic. He supports it with explanations and arguments.

3. Conclusion – The essence of the essay is revealed in this part of the essay. The writer should bring out the real aim of his essay and give it an evocative end.

While writing the essay, the writer must remember that the essay should be interesting for the reader, he should establish a connection with the reader otherwise he would fail in his purpose of writing the essay. It would be a good idea to give some quotations in support of your subject as this would enhance the quality of the essay but you should be careful to write the exact quotation or it might backfire. These are basic elements which, if given value, can help you excel in essay writing and make an everlasting impression on the mind of the reader.

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