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Rushing to get help at the last moment?

Rushing to get help at the last moment?

by Chief OxApril 26, 2011

We’ve been seeing a major spurt (its that time of the year) in traffic, and orders. Nothing bad or wrong with it, just that avoiding the “rush hour” academic traffic can be very helpful for you as a student.

If let’s say, we are backed up and end up being late (which we are not usually) you still have time to absorb the shock and go over the tutorial thoroughly as you prepare to draft your assignment.

Then ofcourse, you dont have to pay the expedition charges. Believe it or not, we dread them too, adding to the excess pressure we’re in at the moment.

Tutorials prepared with time on our hands usually get slightly more attention, you know, they’re not as rushed. That said, we challenge anyone to tell the difference (hey, you pay us extra, we do as much as we can, and then put in some.)

Additional time on our hands enables us to taste your question and mull over it for sometime in our minds. Like when we head to shower, or eat watching Operation Repo, etc., but the context is faulty. These days we cannot even afford to go to the bathroom.

I gotta go: there’s stuff to take care of. And sorry, we’ve been out of touch here!

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