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Homework is stupid in the 21st century!

Homework is stupid in the 21st century!

by Chief OxFebruary 16, 2011

[box]Guest Post: Writer is a 13 year old middle schooler, Kumar Shekhar[/box]

Our century is an age of technological advancement. There is advancement in every field, be it business, science or education. New techniques and methods are being implemented in teaching. One is compelled to argue for the redundancy of homework!

First a student is made to study hard in the school and then he is loaded with more work to do at home. This is futile because the children need practical knowledge to survive in this world of cut throat competition. Keeping them immersed in their books would not help in this direction.

In addition, it is very important for today’s generation to be well informed and well aware of their environment. But they can gain the knowledge after interacting with friends and observing the activities around them. Homework assignments are only an obstacle in this effect.

The purpose of education is not only to make students knowledgeable but it also focuses on the overall development of the child, which includes their physical development. But if the students are busy in their homework where would they get the opportunity to play and develop their physical abilities.

This 21st century is very demanding. A child having certain talents definitely gives him the edge over other students. But a child has to put in extra effort to develop his talent. Home work Assignment leaves him tired and discouraged to work on anything else.

In spite of this, Homework Assignments are sometimes useful for it gives a clear understanding of the subject matter but it should be innovative and activity based to excite the children of today. Otherwise it is better to do away with Homework Assignments.

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