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Need for Keeping a Track of all your Expenses, No Matter How Small

Need for Keeping a Track of all your Expenses, No Matter How Small

by GuestAugust 15, 2011

It is a fact that there is a need for keeping a track of all your Expenses, no matter how small. The new age has witnessed an outburst of new inventions and discoveries in the field of science and technology. The old and simple way of living has given way to an ultra modern living which depends on cars, LCD’s, air conditioners and mobiles etc. In addition, there are the daily needs of food and clothes etc. The needs have increased and with it, the desire. The youngsters of today do not want to keep one mobile for too long but we forget that everything may be available to us but the prices have also rocketed sky-high. One time shopping only, extracts all the weight of your wallet! So it is vital to keep a track of all your expenses, no matter how small.

Each day, from morning to evening we have to do a lot of spending, once we step out of our homes. Keeping a track of expense would help us in many ways. We would know how much we are spending every day. We would be saved from over-expenditure and wastage of money. This would bring accuracy in our way of spending and we would save money. In order to keep a track of the expenses, we must note every penny which we spend every day. Whether we buy air conditioner or a simple cool drink, all the expenditure should be noted. This should be a daily activity and trust me it would take only a few minutes, if made a habit.

Another way of keeping a track of your expenses is to make a “budget spreadsheet and expense tracker” to review your funds easily. Make a list of the vital necessities and do away with the necessities which are more of a luxury. If a cooler can help, what is the need of an air conditioner? If at all you were beaten by temptations and brought an expensive device then cut down other small expenses to heal the loss. We cannot ignore the value of money in this age for the prices would only increase from now on and saving money is the only way to survive in this money-oriented world. So keep a track of your expenses and live happily!

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