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If Rasputin went to Princeton for fall of 2011 …

If Rasputin went to Princeton for fall of 2011 …

by Chief OxSeptember 14, 2011

[box] If Rasputin, a Russian history figure went to Princeton for fall of 2011, what could you learn from him as a college student? [/box]

Grigori Rasputin (1869 -1916), a mystic monk and healer was one of the most powerful yet controversial personalities in the 19th century Russia. If he went to Princeton for fall of 2011, he could teach the college students, Supernatural Powers. It is said that once his father Efim Rasputin’s horse got stolen and Rasputin who was then a little child, identified the thief who stole it. In his youth Rasputin was involved in many illegal activities like sex and theft. As an act of penance he spent three months in the ‘Verkhoturye’ Monastery where after he is supposed to have had a vision of the Virgin Mary. Consequently he turned into a religious mystic and wanderer. He healed many people with his mystic powers and especially the women became his dedicated followers.

Rasputin can teach the students the ‘Art of Healing’. While Rasputin was wandering in Siberia, the Czar of Russia, Nicholas II and his wife Czarina Alexandra had a son the Czarevich named Alexsei. In the unfortunate turn of circumstances, Alexsei fell sick with treacherous disease ‘Hemophilia’ (a state when even if there is a small cut, a person keeps bleeding until empty). The Czar and Czarina became really worried as their son’s sickness would have eliminated his chances to become the Czar and they were not telling anyone about his disease. Alexandra then took the help of her friend Ann to contact the small peasant healer, Rasputin. Rasputin travelled to Petersburg in 1905 and took the responsibility of healing the Czarevich Alexsei upon himself. It is said that Rasputin used ‘spiritual powers’ and ‘hypnotism’ to cure Alexsei.

There is also a belief that he used leeches to treat Alexei. Once Czarevich Alexsei got cured, the Czar and Czarina became dedicated followers of Rasputin. During the World War I, Rasputin said that he had a revelation that if the Czar did not take the charge personally, the Russian Army would be defeated. When he heard this, Czar Nicholas II who was ill-prepared, proceeded to take charge and consequently got beaten. Czar left for the World War I giving the charge of the kingdom to his wife Alexandra who in turn looked upon Rasputin for advice. Rasputin soon became her “Friend”, “Philosopher” and “Guide”. Though there were many revolts against Rasputin but the Czar and Czarina were never ready to hear anything against him. This way he can also teach the students how to influence people.

Rasputin can also teach the students, a unique belief which he called Religion named Skoptsy. His religion stood on the belief that it was fine that we should repent to get near to God but in order to repent we must first Sin. And Rasputin lived his religion by indulging in crimes like sex, continued drinking, theft and accepting bribes. He had numerous mistresses everywhere because for him it was not an illegal activity but a way of purifying a woman. He was even a member of a banned Christian sect called “Khlysty” that preached continuous sinning in order to overcome it. Rasputin emphasized on Love, Healing and Miracles.
Rasputin had a life full of controversies. He had a great influence on the Czarina Alexandra and became her personal adviser and confidante so much that people even considered a love affair between them. He started interfering in the policies of the court and filled the vacancies in the government offices with the people who pleased him.

Rasputin’s misdeeds had brought enough disrepute to the monarchy as there were stories of the Czarina’s love with Rasputin who was not only a serious offender but a small peasant as well. The court officials were extremely angry with him. They used all the tricks possible to kill him but in vain. It took a carefully thought plan made by three men of the royal family itself – Feliks Yusupov (husband of the Tsar’s niece, Irina), Vladimir Mitrofanovich Purishkevich (a member of the duma) and the Grand Duke Dimitry Pavlovich (the Tsar’s cousin). It is believed that they knowing Rasputin’s urges, they invited him to meet the beautiful Irina. While waiting for her, they fed poisonous cakes and wine to Rasputin but it was Rasputin’s good fortune or the strength of his spiritual powers but he was saved from it.

I doubt that the College students can ever learn anything from Rasputin. What they can learn is only this fact that in the end “Misdeeds always spell Doom”. A person is allowed to think whatever he likes and propound a belief giving baseless logics but he forgets that he cannot change the truth. As the holy Bible says, Christ told the Adulteress “Go, and sin no more!” Sin can never be a path to salvation. Eventually, he was shot thrice and when he died they threw him in the Neva River. Rasputin will always be remembered as a mystical and charismatic figure in history of Russia but was he inspirational? This will always remain a matter of grave discussion.

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