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The Dorm Survival Guide

The Dorm Survival Guide

by Chief OxApril 13, 2011

A college dorm can appear to be overwhelming at first.

But here are a few points that would help the transition:

1. Dont forget the silver lining behind the huge building: its all temporary.

2. With its rapid pace of change : be it with

[box]Tip #1: Make friends with your roommate.[/box]

There is always that chance that you don’t like your roommate. There will always be that time that both of you are in complete opposite opinions. However, to make life easier, you need to learn how to get along. If you are upset with your roommate, leave, get some fresh air and breath. Calm down. Remember, you have no choice but to live with him or her. It is better to make friends than enemies.

[box]Tip #2: Set the rules.[/box]

Talk to your roommate and set the rules with him or her as early as possible. Discuss your policies regarding visitors, your side of room, decorations, eating food, borrowing clothes and any other things you may think of.
Visitors. Chances are there may be people staying in your room. It could be your visitors or your roommates’. You should discuss what is acceptable for both of you. This includes the number of people you are allowed to bring and the time they’ll be coming. Or if you really need to bring a guest so late in the evening, be courteous enough to stay quiet as you and your guest slip into the bed to sleep.

Borrowing of clothes. This is usually seen in girls because guys are not really fond of borrowing each others’ clothes. Many college students have problems of borrowed clothes and not returning the clothes in the same condition as it was borrowed. Make sure that if you borrow clothes, wash and iron them before returning.
Food. Food can be a major issue in college dorm life because usually, one has more food than the other. Learn to respect each other’s property. Do not just eat somebody else’s food.

College dorm can be likened to a bunker. But if you know how to follow simple rules, you’ll definitely survive. It is important to keep in mind that dormitories are just your temporary residence. Your room and your roommates may change from time to time. So instead of being depressed or upset with the situation, learn to adapt and adjust.

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