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Cool Places to Spend Your Summers

Cool Places to Spend Your Summers

by Chief OxJuly 6, 2011

“Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers today;
And give us not to think so far away
As the uncertain harvest; keep us here
All simply in the springing of the year”
– Robert Frost

Summer, is that time of the year when, in the words of William Wordsworth, ‘life is alive in everything’. Naturally then, everybody waits for the summer – when we forget all our agonies, studies and work to simply feel the blossoms around. Here are some cool places to spend your summer vacations –

1. Cancun – “Cancun” in “Mexico” is a place of beaches and late night clubs. “Xel-Ha” is bliss for snorkeling lovers and “Tulum” is paradise for those who love a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. The “Unba Ruins” are worth a watch here. The best way to reach this promising land is a ferry or a bus but a Passport is essential for a problem free and happy stay.

2. Panama City in Florida – Panama Beach is one of the best known places of the world. The clean white sandy beach is so attractive that people yearn to come to this place with friends and family. It is also a top destination for water sports such as scuba diving and fishing etc. Panama City’s 27 miles of ‘sugary sweet’ sand on the “Gulf of Mexico” is a ‘must see’ place.

3. Miami and South Beach, Florida – Miami and South Beach at Florida are also one of the best hotspots to enjoy your Spring Break. I cannot even express the beauty of a place (South Beach) which has “Biscayne Bay” on one side and the “Atlantic” on the other. The “Atlantic”, we all know is loaded with beaches whereas “South Beach” is a point of great attraction for club maniacs. Miami Beach is cheaper in comparison with South Beach. “Daytona Beach” is another place to cool your heels and enjoy the spring.

4. San Diego – San Diego in California is certainly the perfect place to enjoy the Spring Break as it is appealing to both the beach lovers as well as those who are not the beach lovers. It is a land of beaches no doubt, of “Carnado Beach”, “La Jolla Beach”, “Mission Beach” and many more but at the same time it is also known for recreation parks like the “Zoo”, “Legoland Water Park”, “Safari Park” and the “Sea World” etc. You can freely enjoy by indulging in all kinds of water sports, Cruise, golf, luxury spas and bird watching etc. The Art lovers need not be disappointed and there are art galleries, Museums and the renowned “Globe Theatre”. So isn’t it a fantabulous destination for the Spring Break?

5. Puerto Vallarta – Puerto Vallarta in Mexico is a ‘balneario’ resort city situated on the island of “Bahía de Banderas” in the Pacific Ocean. The beautiful city is known for its Nightlife and pristine beaches and in case you get bored, there is the option of mountain biking and parasailing to feel the blissful beauty around. There are ‘hotels deals’ also so that you can thoroughly enjoy without worrying about your meals etc.

6. Honolulu, Oahu – Honolulu in Oahu is the capital of Hawaii, one of most beautiful states of the United States. Honolulu has everything to make your holidays an everlasting experience. Apart from the enticing beaches, you would get an opportunity to visit historic landmarks like the “Aloha Tower” and “Duke Kahanamoku Statue”, the “Bishop Museum” and “Mission House” etc. There is the Hawaii Theatre and art gallery for the art loving generation. In addition, Honolulu has one of the best nightlife, continental cuisines and festivals not to forget the shopaholics for whom this place is no less than heaven.

7. Las Vegas – Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities among youngsters around the world. Las Vegas signifies style, fun and dazzle. You can experience one of the most beautiful evening of your life. Las Vegas has the best nightlife and great Casinos. “Blue Man Group”, “Buck Wild”, “Mamma Mia” and “Stomp Out Loud” etc. are shows which would keep you thoroughly entertained. So come to Las Vegas where the motto is “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

8. Bahamas & Jamaica – These are both stunning Caribbean countries covered with blue and white waters and white sand. Needless to say that the place is ideal for Spring break. Crystal clear blue waters and wonderful beach resorts would give you the much needed respite from your busy and tension filled life. The ‘Bahamas spring break packages’ are very cheap and you can also enjoy a Cruise. Jamaica on the other hand, is sunny and a perfect outing for water sports especially in the beautiful “Montego Bay” and “Negril”.

9. South Padre Island, Texas – The beautiful Island bordered by “Laguna Madre Bay” and Gulf of Mexico is a perfect place to leave the worldly tensions behind and get wet in the thrills of life. With beautiful beaches all around, there are lots of options to enjoy. You can have a good time fishing, boating, bird watching and shopping etc. There are the night clubs, Restaurants, cool music and dancing for those young at heart. You can take a scooter to see the place. So come and have the fun!

10. Disney World – Disney World situated at Florida, is a perfect destination to spend your Spring Break. The world of “Walt Disney” and the land of “Mickey Mouse” and “Donald Duck” has all the ingredients to attract not just children but people of all ages. You can virtually have a blast here. The place has four major Theme Parks, namely, “The Magic Kingdom”, “Epcot”, “Hollywood Studios” and “Animal Kingdom”. Needless to say, they provide great infotainment. ‘Hollywood Studios’, especially would floor the young people for here you can experience big screen thrills, music and animation. Then, there is the “Walt Disney Resort” where literally you can spend a dream vacation. In addition, there are beach clubs, yatch clubs, springs and…Dolphins! All in all, an absolutely ‘wowee’ land!

This is it! Each and every place is magical and has the ability to make your spring break an experience to cherish forever. So pack your bags for even the renowned poet, Emily Dickinson says, “A little Madness in the spring is wholesome even for the King.”

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