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A Cause – by Sangeeta

A Cause – by Sangeeta

by wickleyApril 6, 2011

We are living in the technological age where life moves at a superfast speed. Everybody is overburdened with dreams, expectations and ambitions. What to say … Life has become a mad race where everyone is trying to catch up with each other or even surpass each other in order to succeed in this big fat selfish world. “Love thy Neighbor”! has become a forgone phrase these days.
I agree that success is vital to survive in this modern world. A successful life is indeed a happy life but does a happy life give you eternal satisfaction? Is just being happy the sole aim in life?

They say, Pain decreases when you share it with someone and in the same way, happiness increases twice as much when shared with someone. You cannot be happy if you are disconnected from others. It is necessary to make your presence felt, to touch someone with love and share your happiness. This, I feel is the key to real happiness in life. It can be supporting someone or doing something for the universal benefit. The best way to do this is to find a cause and get devoted to it. It could be any cause, conservation of trees, helping clean neighborhoods, supporting physically challenged children or anything, anything that brings a smile on someone’s face or brings “happy tears” in the eyes which had until now, wept in misery.

I remember, it was New Year’s Eve and my whole family was with me. Just a few days ago, we had celebrated Christmas in a big way. We had re-furnished the house with new curtains, new furniture and new color on the walls. We had great fun with our friends and relatives with lunch and dinners happening almost every day. It was a memorable time when we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

That day was New Year’s Eve and my mother asked me to accompany her for she still had some shopping left. She had to buy some groceries and I too had to purchase a new dress for the New Year. It was a very beautiful evening where the market was fully decked-up and it looked amazing. I was tired and I opted to sit in the car as my mother completed her shopping. I waited and after she was done she called us to pick her up. There was a traffic signal in between and as we waited, I had that soul stirring experience that I have not forgotten yet.

I was very happy, celebrations were on at home, I had a new job and everything was looking very good. Just then came a beggar, a teenager boy who was half-naked, half-naked in the chilling cold of December! He was so thin that he almost looked like a skeleton. He cried and said that he hadn’t eaten single bread for the last three days. I was stunned and speechless. You try to get rid of beggars but he was heartache. I gave him a few bucks and he went away but he left me spiritually drained. I returned home with all my excitement vanishing in thin air.

I was numb and all the celebrations and joy appeared futile. I could not come in terms of the fact that here we were rejoicing with all the riches of food and pleasure and there was this boy who was struggling for one single piece of bread! I couldn’t enjoy after that and this fact kept disturbing me. My friends asked me the reason of my dullness. I told them the whole incident and they too looked bothered.

We decided to work for the under privileged children like that boy. We first did a survey of the slums in our city. We divided ourselves and visited each and every slum around the city. I even met that boy and his condition was the same. He had to feed as many as six siblings. He wept terribly and said that even death was not coming to rescue him. We were left shaken.

Together we collected all the children and started to teach them. We also decided to bring food for the children by rotation. After our classes got over, we went there and started working on our new job and as our rest of colleagues came to know, they also joined in this wonderful cause. We collected money and brought some materials so that they could make handicrafts. This would have helped them to express their creativity and by selling those things they could earn a few bucks. It was a better idea instead of going begging on the road, Isn’t it?

I don’t know but I started feeling a lot more relieved and satisfied. When I used to arrive at the school, their smile just took my heart away. It was a lovely feeling. I felt so happy and this happiness didn’t die with any failure or sorrow. It just got better and better. It was strange but all my friends attached to this cause were the happiest bunch around.

That year my Christmas and New Year became all the more special with these little children around. Santa Claus came and he showered them with gifts. We had a big party where the children had lots of fun. We were so happy to see the children happy and that we had contributed in their life. Their parents too were full of blessings for us.

I returned with a thought that it isn’t a bad thing to help someone. After all, this world has given us so much, it is not our duty to make some contribution in the well being of this world? I smiled and went to sleep. It is perhaps necessary for everyone to get attached to a cause. It is a great feeling! Trust me.

The author is a 15 year old school girl in India

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