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The Art of Effective Studying

The Art of Effective Studying

by PauMarch 1, 2011

[box]The Art of Effective Studying [/box]

Effective Studying is definitely the key to success in this age. Concise Oxford Dictionary very aptly defines Studying as “the devotion of time and attention to acquiring knowledge especially from books”. Studying can be made effective by following these points:

1. Do not make examination your goal– Do not make examination your goal while studying. This would not create your interest in the subject.

2. Reading –Reading creates interest, develops understanding about the subject and clears the concepts.

3. Rote learning is Futile – Rote learning is always useless for you may forget everything very easily. But if you try to understand the content, you would never forget it.

4. Write notes – The best way of learning is writing out the important points. This would fix the subject matter in your mind and give you a clear understanding of the subject.

5. Focus – You must try to concentrate on the subject and do not get distracted by anything.

6. Practice makes a man perfect – Mathematical problems and any other practical subject are best learnt by practicing it.

7. Revision – The subject matter should be revised regularly to learn the subject nicely.

8. Rest Breaks – Continuous Studying can affect your health as well as make you confused. So rest break is very necessary to absorb the content learnt and also to freshen up for gaining new knowledge.

[box type=info] Apart from these learning techniques, a studious environment is also very necessary for effective studying. One should select a secluded place for studying. Added to this, one should take enough sleep and regular meals to keep fit for the job. All said, the only thing you need to make your studies effective is determination to succeed and you will find your way. [/box]

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