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April 5, 2020

The WBS has been drawn as under. The color coding stands for respective priorities. By moving the times along and changing the priority we can ensure that the budget estimates are not exceeded.

TIME PERIOD OF THE PROJECTS BEFORE MEET     S No PROJECT NAME FIRST NINE MONTHS 10 TO 12 13 TO 15 LAST SIX MONTHS 1 Project 1: Reconnaissance team for waterfowl. HIGH PRIORITY       2 Project 2: Scrutinizing and lobbying for optimum conservatory numbers.     HP   3 Project 3: Determining optimum hunting regulations.       HP 4 Project 4: Develop reconciliatory approach with environmentalists.   HP     5 Project 5: Emerging [...]
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April 5, 2020




Sludge calculation of a Waste Water Treatment plant

The sludge from a water treatment plant may be calculated from the following equation.


Wastewater Flow Rate, Q is in m3/dInfluent soluble substrate concentration (bsCOD), S0 is in BOD or bsCOD g/m3nbVSS concentration in influent, X0,i is in g/m3 or mg/lInert inorganics Total Suspended Solids (iTSS) is in g/m3Total MLVSS concentration   XT is in g/m3 or mg/lSedimentation Retention Time (SRT) is in dMaximum rate of soluble substrate utilization, K is in g COD/g∙dBiomass yield, Y is in g VSS/g COD Endogenous decay coefficient, kd is in g VSS/g [...]
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April 5, 2020

The following modules require work:

A. The feedback system is not working fully, though the form and Grades etc. are in place.

B. The “Post a Tutorial” system is not entirely functional, about 70pc. is done.

C. The credit balance calculation in user profiles is not showing properly.

D. The user information widget – that shows up when they’re logged in, should show: (logged in status, no of tutorials posted, questions asked, feedback score, amount of money made)

E. Messaging: Everything works here already, but we need a content scanner to stop users from exchanging contact information. For some reason the website logon has been disabled – it worked proper

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April 5, 2020

Question a) The Hidden Curriculum i) Graphic Organizer or Chart: (1) Identify the five types of curricula as described by Westbury, et al., (2002) in the Module 3 Readings, and provide examples of each. (2) APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. ii) Essay. (1) Write a...

 The five types of curricula as prescribed by Westbury are as under: Curriculum described by Westbury Examples Curriculum As The Development Of Cognitive Processes Aptitude building courses; quizzes; Curriculum As Technology Computer and other tech related courses. Curriculum As Self-Actualization Or Consumatory Experience Courses in psychology, self help, yoga, concentration building etc. Curriculum For Social Learning Sociology courses, Social studies etc. Curriculum For Academic Rationalization General knowledge; career options etc.  I very strongly contend that teachers should leave [...]
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