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June 2, 2020

Chronic Diseases: GERD

            Chronic diseases are diseases that are persistent. Typically the symptoms associated with these diseases last for an extremely long time, sometimes indefinitely. There are literally thousands of diseases that are considered ‘chronic’ in the medical field. Some chronic diseases or illness are more serious and life-threatening while others are simply an annoying nuance that is dealt with on an everyday basis. A non-life threatening chronic disease that has recently gained attention is gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), more commonly known as acid reflux disease. As this disease [...]

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June 2, 2020

Child Abuse

            I would like to focus on the most prevalent form of child abuse: neglect of children. It may appear benign when compared to more serious forms of abuses such as physical and sexual abuse, however, its effects are subtle and may last forever, shaping a child’s personality. Given that this form of child abuse is widely prevalent, health educators have evolved a variety of methodologies in order to tackle what may be called “lifestyle abuse”.

            It is relevant to glance at the complete working of the cycle of child neglect. [...]

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June 2, 2020

Question: In what situations might a child benefit from the federal and state regulations? Describe some of the state resources offered in your state. Do you think more resources are needed? Which seem to be the most helpful for use by child development specialists?

Federal and state regulations are put into place to protect the safety and health of children.  Therefore if a child is in an unsafe environment—uncleanly, harmful substances left out, lack of supervision, etc.—the federal and state regulations would protect the child and require the facility or environment to change or the child be removed. Regulations also protect children from predators, such as sex offenders and child molesters, from being responsible for their care.

            The state of California offers many resources for child development.  Some of these resources include guidelines and information [...]

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June 2, 2020

Question: Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you develop a staffing plan for the organization in which you work, or one with which you are familiar. If you are in a very large organization you can develop a plan for just one division. Determine how many people you need to hire and in w...

Format your report consistent with APA guidelines


Fundamentals of Human Resource Management,” Chapter 7, 9 and 16 other references can be used.

Order: 3 pages, 2 references

Coffee Shop Staffing Plan




June 15, 2011

Coffee Shop Staffing Plan

            In order for any organization to be successful they must have the proper staff.   Having the proper staff includes having team members who are qualified for their position, well-trained, trustworthy, and [...]

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